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Versatile Clientless VPN Connectivity

ADIM Technology Corp. provides customers with a cost effective, easy to use, powerful, and secure remote access tool for users, telecommuters, contractors, and partners. We have deployed multiple clientless VPN appliances in our cloud for customers to leverage. Please contact us for further details.
  • Easy of Use – Your users will login to branded company portal page built to your specifications. There are no agents or programs that need to be installed on every system. This makes it easy for users, administrators, and other third party clients that may need access to your network.
  • Cost Effective – Forego the capital and operational expense of purchasing new equipment. We have redundant VPN gateway clusters deployed and ready to integrate into your network for a fraction of the cost.
  • Secure – Our remote access supports granular user based access control to all resources on an ACL, authentication user based, and application resource based. Our VPN solution also supports multiple dual factor authentication vendors such as RSA Security.
  • Powerful – We can customize the look, feel, and presentation layer of the remote access portal for your company. This includes web applications, custom applications, and common commercial applications.