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An Experienced Independent 3rd Party Resource

ADIM Technology Corp. will work with your management and operations team to meet budgetary, short and long-term technology initiatives. We have built and designed networks in various verticals with many different requirements. Our experience with multiple vendors, customers, and technical challenges will give your team more insight into potentials options and solutions to your technical needs. Your network is the conduit for applications, end-user job functions, and possibly tied into direct revenue for your business. A properly scoped, planned, executed, and maintained IT / IS network is critical for most businesses today. Let us assist you in this process.
  • Assess – Find out what exactly is the goal, what are some pain points with your network, what is the vision or technology your company has been targeting. Additionally look at other peers in your industry vertical or businesses with the same size profile. Most companies will fit into four - five different profiles.
  • Design – We strive to properly plan for today's issues as well as tomorrow's growth. What are the primary project expectations? Properly scope and define deliverables, milestones, and success criteria.
  • Implement – Proper installation, verification, and integration into business processes. Technology implementation is more than just hitting an install button. Properly configuring security settings, logging, reporting, and most importantly end-user training.
  • Manage – Ongoing maintenance is something generally ignored, slated until something fails, or is put on the "set it and forget list". Whether your company will maintain in-house or outsource certain aspects of IT / IS functions many new systems or builds need a transitional training / operational hand off phase.