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Network Redesign and Upgrades

Technology System and IT / IS Application Replacements

ADIM Technology Corp. provides upgrade paths, alternate solutions, and new approaches for our customer's most complex issues. Common projects include upgrading the units on the network that just work and no one knows why, abandoned systems by other admins or vendors, network consolidation on newer servers to reduce complexity, and other various projects that will increase efficiency and save your company money.
  • Upgrade – switches, servers, routers, firewalls, storage, data migration, custom applications, patch management, printers, desktops, laptops, operating systems, etc. We provide new, pre-owned and lease turn in solutions with multiple financing options.
  • Consolidate – Virtualize and combine legacy applications on servers, upgrade switches to virtual chassis are a few projects we regularly complete for customers. Simplify your environment while increasing performance.
  • Alternative Solutions – We can provide hosted environment solutions, disaster recovery collocation, and other services that will decrease your operational costs.