Data Recovery – First Hand Expierence

August 12th, 2010 spanebianco

I think it is safe to say if you are reading this blog post you are familiar with RAID systems. We have all seen the orange drive lights flash and replaced bad drives. It is great – I  normally do not think about RAID 5 servers setup in our datacenter. Well well – what are the chances of two drives failing? Really not very good but I can now tell you it is possible from first hand experience.  At the end of the day – the first failed and the other drives were working like crazy. They were tired and another let go very soon after the first. Now we have a container in critical state and a non-booting condition.

What happens if you really really need the data and snapshots / backups are not good enough?

Answer - you need a dedicated data recovery expert. Not someone haphazardly running simple tools. Not a resource that does a little bit of this and that. ADIM Technology LLC uses Alandata to rebuild critical systems for all of our customers.  They work quickly and professionally to rebuild and recover even the most complex RAID and file systems without compromising any data (READ ONLY). We handed him a set of drives pulled from the server and our application staff had a working copy of data within 4 hours. They did an amazing job, were very accurate, and extremely reasonably priced. Alandata can handle both complex and basic projects efficiently.

If you find your company in a data loss, drive issue, forensic, or recovery project please give Wayne a call and tell him ADIM Technology sent you!

Sam Panebianco