Finally Get Around to the Blog

Well — over the past months I have been working on multiple projects, learning a lot of new things, and in all enjoying building a new company. Taking things I have learned and changing mistakes made in the past. Since I really do not keep a work journal other than my calendar this might as well be the place for it. I hope to bring more content to the site as a whole and hopefully bring some meaningful content to anyone that may read my blog. One thing I do want to key in on is make an IT / IS humor category on the blog and track funny things VAR, IT guys, and Vendors come across.

I guess in our line of work I tend to get blank stares from people when they ask what does your company do.  At the end of the day I assume if you are readying this because you know ADIM, want to learn about our company, or are just trying to kill time. So until the next blog – SJP

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